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Negotiating Brexit

The EU’s exclusive competence to negotiate and sign trade deals on behalf of its Member States precludes the UK from formalising any trading relations with third countries before the end of the two-year period triggered by the Article 50 TEU notification. Will the UK use it's membership of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the European Economic Area (EEA) as potential platforms for the new UK-EU trade relationship?. Read the full article by Ana Bobic and Josephine van Zeben … [Read More...]

Procurement and government

how to write a successful tender

How to write a successful tender response

Responding to a tender can be an intimidating experience. Often the language and terminology is obtuse, requirements appear to go way beyond the apparent immediate needs of the contract and the detail required seems obsessive. Contracts are won, and lost, on the quality of the responses submitted and it’s important to remember that this is […]

Export or die


Performance of UK companies successful in exporting/winning contract awards within the EU’s public procurement market

Export or die? This was in fact a government edict to businesses at the end of the Second World War under somewhat more traumatic circumstances when we were last skint, but it has rung true down the years.  The importance of export growth cannot be underestimated if we’re to make any headway in elevating ourselves out of our self-induced debt mire.  Put another way, we have to pay our way in the … [Read More...]